List Your Products

Once you have registered as a seller Stockpilz offers 2 ways to list your products.

Option 1 - Single item listing.
Complete a few fields including the amount, dimensions and rate for your product. You can upload pictures of the items and provide a description - immediately putting buyers at your fingertips.

Get Started Listing Your Single Items

Option 2 - Multiple Product Upload.
If you have an inventory listing of overstock or excess paper we also offer a quick and convenient way to listing your items quickly and easily. Click the link below to upload your .csv file, and you can have hundreds of items listed within minutes. From your account page you can edit any of these listings or add pictures. Get started now!

Get Started Listing Multiple Items

Option 3 - Sell Your Products As A Single Lot.
If you have a collection of items you want to move with a single transaction you can also list your excess inventory items to be sold in a single transaction. Individual items will show in search results as individual items but can only be purchased as a single lot.

Get Started With Products Grouping

You pay nothing to list your products, only when your product sells. To see the rates we apply to sold merchandise see our Pricing Page